Mr Hatchard Samsung 3.95kW PV system

31/05/2018 15:22:40

Mr Hatchard of Shoreham West Sussex had 3.95kWp Samsung system installed at the end of June 2011. With in the 1st Hour of commissioning he had already collected 2.5kW/h on an overcast day.

The Samsung Mono Solar PV modules exceed all expectations working and producing usable energy even on cloudy overcast days.

This particular system was designed around the fantastic SMA SB4000TL Bluetooth ready, Dual MPP tracker Sunny Boy Inverter. This enabled us to split the PV array into 10 and 6 Modules on strings A & B.

This is very handy to deal with certain shading issues that can occur on difficult to install roofs.

Mr Hatchard Samsung 3.95kW PV system