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New H2o Solar Clean

H2o Solar is proud to offer our extensive solar module cleaning services.

As we are now almost five years in from the 1st FITS installed Solar PV systems the efficiency of your solar modules and solar Thermal panels are paramount to increasing your income and electrical producing ability as well as making hot water.

Dirty & poorly maintained Solar Panels can affect the performance by up to 20%

Many things contribute to affecting the yearly performance of your modules and panels the main causes are as follows

1. Bird Droppings

2. Sap residue build-up

3. Pollen and Dust

4. Moss and lichen build up on older systems reduce performance by up to 50%

All these problems can be resolved by specialist cleaning equipment by the means of  "H2o Solar Clean" offering a cheap solution and yearly maintenance call outs when ever the customer requires.

So don't let nature rob you of your investment payments keep a clean and efficient Solar systems performing at high yields with H2o Solar Clean

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Solar PV Cleaning Services