Mr & Mrs Wallis Of Eastbourne Samsung 2.96kW

31/05/2018 15:21:04

This is a Samsung 2 rows of 6 modules in 1 string installed on Mr Wallis's roof along side his solar thermal system we already installed three months previous.

Both systems are south facing and are performing extremely well. Mr Wallis has not used his boiler since May 2011 and has had hot water every day.

With the new addition of Solar Photovoltaics he has produced so far in June around 440kW/h in one month alone with average summer weather is set recieve £190.00 for this period plus the next two months for the Quater could see FIT'S tax free payment of approximately £570.00, " virtually self sufficient" plus earning cash also.


Simon we would just like to thank you for an excellent job on fitting our PV panels. We were extremely happy with your workmanship, your attention to detail and the time you spent explaining the system we had fitted.

We have had the system now for 1 month and we have produced about 440kw and will receive approximately £190 from our feed in tariff plus any electricity we have saved.Not bad considering the weather we had this June!

The water solar panels that you fitted in March this year have also produced regular tanks of hot water, in fact we have not used our gas to heat the hot water since March.

Thank you again for an excellent service.

Mr Wallis of Eastbourne.

Mr & Mrs Wallis Of Eastbourne Samsung 2.96kW