9th Bexhill Scoutgroup 4kW PV system Bexhill East Sussex

31/05/2018 15:23:57

9th Bexhill Scout Group had this 4kW Suntech PV system installed towards the FITS deadline change at the end of July 2012.

With no time to spare we just made the deadline for the 21pence 25 years FITS rate.

This system was installed using the Suntech 250w Monocrystalline modules along with the fantastic SMA 4000TL inverter.


Many thanks for the certificate and for you efforts in getting our Solar PV system in last week. I was able to complete the FIT application form over the weekend with all the relevant paperwork (i.e. the EPC, which arrived Friday afternoon). I emailed the completed, scanned paperwork to EDF first thing this morning and also sent the paper copies to them by first class registered post this morning so I am confident that we made the end of July deadline (just!).
I have passed on your invoice to our treasurer so hopefully you should receive payment in the next few days.
Thank you again for your efforts. Thanks also to Matt for being small enough to fish the cabling through the eaves! This system should hopefully relieve some of the burden the scout group endures in raising funds for the running of the group, and for that I am grateful. I will make it my goal to recommend your company at every opportunity as the process was in the end very simple (albeit frantic!).
Matt Durkin (SL)
9th Bexhill Scouts


9th Bexhill Scoutgroup 4kW PV system Bexhill East Sussex