IBoost Solar PV Hot Water

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IBoost is a cost effective way to heat your water and utilize surplus energy from your existing PV system. Free electricity can be used even when you are out.

The excess electricity not used by your house is automatically re directed to the immersion heater to heat your water reducing your gas/oil and electricity bill.

How it works

IBoost converters all surplus energy to your immersion heater. Without using the IBoost device you will generate up to 70% waste, however when using the IBoost you will have 100% usage. The IBoost monitors the surplus electricity generated by the PV system, which would normally just go back into the grid, this then automatically directs any excess energy that is generated to your standard immersion heater into the hot water cylinder producing FREE hot water reducing gas/oil and or electricity normally used to heat the tank.

Benefits of IBoost

• Use PV or Wind Turbine to heat hot water
• Payback period of 2-3 years
• Suitable for any 2.0 kw and above system
• No need to change current immersion heater
• More efficient use of your heating system
• Simple to install, retrofit or new system
• Cost effective alternative to solar thermal
• Homeowner doesn’t have to be in the house to be using the free electricity
• 3 year warranty

Without IBoost

Most of the energy produced is wasted energy when a PV system is installed without the ImmerSun.
The IBoost unit tracks the generated energy, ensuring that nearly all energy available is used.

With IBoost

H2o Solar Power has been installing Solar Thermal Hot water since 2001 and Solar Photovoltaic since 2009. In our experience allot of Homes just don’t have the space to fit both and this unique concept allows homes to utilize the maximum energy saving from their existing PV system at a fraction of the cost.

Our qualified engineers will supply and fit the amazing IBoost with minimal fuss for £450.00 also included in the price is our FREE Solar PV system full health check whilst on site.

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