H2o Solar Power has been trading in renewable energy for 12 years in August this year. We started out installing Solar Thermal systems back as a small business in 2003 that has taken us to a steady growth of knowledge and experience in this field. H2o Solar Power believe that with our expert experience and track record in the Solar Thermal industry in choosing us as your primary choice for installations we can deliver a fully designed and accredited system designed and installed by installers (not High Pressure Salesmen) to bring to you a solar hot water system that not only is simple and easy to understand but also delivers performance with value for money also.


H2o Solar Power fully specialise in the repair and ongoing maintenance of already installed Solar Thermal systems whether domestic or commercial we can take care of all maintenance aspects of this industry with well over 12 years experience in these fields of technologies


42-112.jpgDon't delay or waste time on a company you can't trust, call H2o Solar Power today; we are here to help improve/repair/ and protect your renewable investments for now and the future.